Management and Promotion

Opera-Connection stands for more than what was previously expected from an artist agency. In a world exploding with vast quantities of information, we want to defend the value of quality and to concentrate on what is important. We do so by combining our experience in artist management with global promotion services.

Our goal is to support our artists, from the smallest detail right through to developing their career as a whole. Our wide network of contacts enables us to do this and in addition we devise creative strategies and practical plans in promoting them.

Artist Management

Focusing on the quality and credibility of our work, has led us to reduce our roster and focus on those top-level artists that we champion, guaranteeing artistic excellence. As the Head of the Artist Management, Erkki Lauri Alste provides a wealth of expertise and an instinct for artists' needs. Supporting their repertoire choices, attending and reflecting on their performances and advising the singers on future opportunities.


Creating branding for our individual artists and encouraging promotion beyond traditional measures is our answer to ensuring our artists have long lasting and fulfilling careers. Managing Director Guido Mödersheim represents our work in communication and promotion. In addition to 15 years of experience of artist management, he uses his PR background and connections in the music and media industries to ensure the artists get the recognition their career deserves.