Success by Commitment

In the modern times, when words like music business and fast profit become more and more popular in the opera world, we cherish such words as commitment and personal touch. When the good looks and visual appearance has had much importance, we think that the personality and the artistry should carry.

This is why we keep on looking for interesting artists with something more than just a perfect technique or looks and try to find them a chance to build a long-lasting career following them step by step in their careers. That’s why we have chosen to our motto the words: “Success by commitment”.



We are especally proud of our regular Agency Presentations, where a selection of our artists gets to sing to a large group of opera and casting directors - sometimes including young talents from the opera studios of the inviting theatres.

This has created a strong bond between our partners, both artists and our "theatre family", and us:

2009: Deutsche Oper Berlin

2010: Opéra National de Paris

2011: Malmö Opera

2012: Komische Oper Berlin

2013: Finnish National Opera Helsinki

2015: Theater an der Wien

2017: Komische Oper Berlin

2018: Oper Frankfurt

2018: Oper Leipzig

2019: Estonian National Opera Tallinn

2020: our presentation was scheduled at the Opéra National de Paris in May 2020, but had to be postponed due the pandemic

2021: Komische Oper Berlin

2022: Malmö Opera

2023: Opéra National de Paris